Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ramblings Returns? Where We Go From Here ...

More than a month has passed since I last wrote to the Ramblings of a Reds Fan journal, and, admittedly, life has been happening while I have been making other plans. Marriage is first and foremost my concern, considering I wasn't married when the RRF began, but now I am a married man with a wife at home and a full-time job requiring greater responsibilities of me now than two months ago. I could continue giving reasons (or excuses) why the Report isn't current or updated; however, I really don't see the point in giving the multitude of explanations.

Plain and simple, weekly updates of this journal are not unrealistic, and I have been lax about keeping my information current. With additional summer "vacations" planned over the upcoming weeks, I owe my readers some firsthand information I can provide from my race track trips.

Some "past" and "upcoming" information that could have been posted already includes:
- The "streakiness" of the ballclub ... win a lot and lose a lot
- The current (most recent) losing skid
- How to effectively fix the relief pitching on this team
- Why is the offensive output so erratic (10 runs one day and no runs the next)
- Is Bronson Arroyo the best thing since sliced bread ... or will reality soon set in?
- Who is the ace of this staff? Harang, Arroyo, or someone else?!?
- Can Adam Dunn actually play defense?
- Will Junior stay healthy for the rest of the season?
- And much, much more ...

I am also proud to (re-)announce that I am the Cincinnati, OH, Local Chapter President for the Official NASCAR Members Club (LC 452381), which began in mid-to-late April. The chapter website is located at: http://onmcchapter.com/index.php?uname=452381&select_state=OH

Separately, I run my general sports website at: http://clubhouseconnection.net This site houses a variety of content, most exclusively the sole provider for the "Soul Patrol" CD (downloadable mp3 files by purchase) published by baseball rock artists Clubhouse (comprised of Blessid Union of Souls (BUOS), among others) for our website of Clubhouse Connection. If you haven't already checked it out, please check out the Clutch Hits CD published by the Cincinnati Reds in conjunction with the Reds Foundation and Buddy Rodgers music here in Cincinnati. It is a fantastic CD supporting a foundation for good causes.

The NASCAR special section co-links the ONMC Chapter site noted above with the NASCAR.com sign-up page that includes my special ID # for referral purposes and to be included as a potential member of my chapter (regardless if you live near Cincinnati, OH, or not). http://clubhouseconnection.net/nascar/

This is a quick "hello again" and an equally quick "I must be off / goodbye" since time is of the essence. Please know that I haven't forgotten about my writing journals, and I hope to be back to twice-weekly publishing again very soon.


  1. Um, like people care if you were gone or not.

    NASCAR? Give me a break. The whole reason I decided to comment on this blog is your NASCAR comment. It is just another symptom of the dumbing down of America and the reason this great nation is in decline.

    Please, pay attention to what your government is doing to this country rather than watching cars go round and round a track from your couch.

  2. Even if people don't care that I was gone, is it worth your time to need to say it?

    NASCAR is a big sport, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. I know that this is my MLB blog, but I would hardly accuse NASCAR of "dumbing down" the American public. How can auto racing be a way of making people more ignorant of things? I think you might want to consider our faulty education system and the lack of parenting in today's society as bigger problems than NASCAR.

    For your information, I am an informed citizen who is more than aware of what his government is failing to do in this country. Why should I waste my time dwelling on a bureaucratic system run primarily by wealthy, white politicians (i.e. lawyers) who could care less about me? Watching cars go around a track isn't happening from my couch ... it is happening at the track. I choose to go to races in person (as well as watch and/or listen to races) because it is how I choose to spend my money as a leisure activity. If you don't like it, don't watch it, but don't preach to me on how I should change my behavior.

    This world has too many preachers / evangelists / professors who all claim to be "experts" in their fields. Not everyone can be an expert, and I doubt that you are one either. Choosing a user name like "j. dobson" must mean you aspire to be writer / commentator James Dobson who doesn't have a clue when it comes to the American marketplace. Dobson is a "know-it-all" type anyway, so you fit right in.