Sunday, April 23, 2006

Brewers Bash Homers in 11-0 Romp over Reds; Reds lead 3-0 through five innings Sunday

The game on Saturday night was so one-sided for the home team Brewers that the Reds had absolutely no chance. Writing much about this game is somewhat pointless at this point (midday Sunday), especially since the game today is already under way.

What is most notably about how the Reds lost to the Brewers in the 11-0 defeat on Saturday was that records were matched for homers allowed and/or scored in an inning. Starter Brandon Claussen has the dubious distinction of tying a MLB record for homers allowed in an inning -- four -- which he did in the fourth inning. The Brewers tied a record as well, in hitting five homers in the fourth inning (one off reliever Chris Hammond). The Reds were trailing by three runs (3-0) before the fourth inning had even come to pass, but this was hardly a game that Cincinnati was going to win with the offense managing only four hits and no runs off starter (and winner) Dave Bush (2-1) of Milwaukee. Claussen's record slips to 1-2.

Overall, there is more *bad* news to share on the injury front. The starting rotation took a blow, with the announcement that Eric Milton, the Reds' fourth starter, is going on the DL with a knee injury. Unfortunately, this is not the first injury of this kind for Milton, who will have his left knee cartilage scoped and expected to be back in 2-3 weeks time. Milton had two solid outings in his first two starts of the season before being shelled on Tuesday this past week by the lowly Florida Marlins in only four and a third innings (allowing nine runs). The Reds have recalled 2005's spot starter Elizardo Ramirez back from AAA to take Milton's spot on the roster until he returns. Ramirez should be starting Monday's game against the Nationals while Aaron Harang short-cycled the start today (Sunday) against the Brewers on four days rest.

Early signs on the game today are that Harang is having another effective start, allowing no runs on only two hits through five innings so far. The game is still in progress as I write this, with the Reds leading 3-0 in the top of the sixth and threatening to score yet again against Brewers' reliever Justin Lehr after starter Doug Davis allowed three runs in his five innings of work. Davis was extemely erratic, allowing an awful nine walks in those five innings.

NEWSFLASH: One final quick update before I send this post -- Austin Kearns was just hit by a pitch to force in a run with the bases loaded. The score is now 4-0 with the bases still loaded and only one out. Pray for no double play ... the full game summary will come later.

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